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Gas boiling water boiler

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Gas boiling water boiler:

Technical parameters:

Technical characteristics:

High intelligent degree, strong applicability, convenient operation, safety system function, system wide, the selective expansion ability etc.. Gas boiler computer control system is the control system integration design of boiler, and all auxiliary original and related instruments (such as: burner, water level electrode, pressure controller, the temperature sensor for the integration of control and detection). System equipped with automatic operation function at the same time, also equipped with manual operation function, parameter setting function for debugging.

The specific function:

1, computer intelligent control, high integration, strong operability.

2, Chinese LCD screen display, LED operation indication, all functions, parameters, fault information by Chinese display, users stick out a mile.

3, touch panel: the sense of touch, and provided with a key sound and real-time shielding function, reduce the error rate of operation.

4, control cabinet for integrated control of pump, the direct control of the circulation pump, burner, water pumps and other auxiliary parts, and the high power components of step-down start.

5, compatible with a variety of display / control instruments, such as: water level electrode, electrode pressure meter, temperature sensor, pressure sensor.

6, set up automatic / manual operation function, realize the automatic / manual operation for mutual standby, free switch.

7, the load sensor short-circuit, open circuit and overrange protection, adding disconnection protection function of the detection components.

8, with the traditional electric control cabinet can not realize the parameter setting function, so that the boiler operation digital.

9, 4 hours timer switch function, in enhancing the boiler operation and save fuel consumption.

Main function

1, the outdoor temperature load control: according to the number of input temperature control of boiler room, automatically adjusting the boiler load.

2, the water temperature control: according to the size of the converted signal or stop and fire water temperature sensor to control the burner and real-time display of water temperature, water temperature; double protection to the water temperature.

3, pressure control: real-time monitoring of system pressure, super low voltage safety interlock protection.

4, water control: according to control water supply pump remote pressure signal frequency, ensure the boiler pressure in range.

5, the burner control: according to the load control burner or stop and the size of fire conversion, real-time monitoring of the running state of burner, burner fault remote reset.

6, security: Boiler overpressure protection, over temperature protection, boiler water level gauge water pump, burner failure, high smoke temperature fault interlock protection.

7, the circulating pump control: double pump set, one with a prepared, automatic switching.

8, timer switch machine: 4 daily time switch machine


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