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Gas steam boiler

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Gas steam boiler:

steam boiler:

Product features:

1, the steam boiler vapor space, built efficient separator, the steam humidity is reduced to below 2%.

Digital intelligent 2, application of advanced control technology, remote monitor accurately the whole combustion process, reliable imported electrical components, so that the equipment in the operation safety and security.

3, according to user requirements, adding a remote communication interface, can be connected in parallel operation control a plurality of boilers, boiler operating parameters real-time printing, computer memory system can record and monitor the fault of the boiler, boiler operation.

4, boiler configuration complete safety accessories, water level control, pressure control, alarm device, leakage, explosion flameout protection, over temperature protection, overpressure explosion door, multiple safety interlock protection device, so that no safety precaution.

5, boiler equipped with imported international advanced combustion machine, full combustion, harmful components in flue gas is lower than the national standard, belongs to environmental protection product.

6, boiler machine factory, compact structure, easy to install, simply connect the water, electricity, gas (oil) can be put into use.

7, using humanized design, color and soft, harmonious.

The fuel control system of simulation screen function of steam boiler design

A three-phase power, steam boiler control system

1, display characteristics: 8 digital LED display, display system status and current voltage.

2, the control mode: steam pressure control

3, the water level control: electrode (1, very low very low, low, high, high 2) or floating ball type (1, very low very low 2, control, high)

4, boiler water supply mode: manual or automatic bit feed

Two, equipment control system

1, the burner control

The burner according to the steam pressure control, 2 pressure controller to control the combustion, 1 pressure controller for overpressure protection. Let P be the pressure PL steam pressure limit; PL △ as lower return difference; PH steam pressure limit; PH △ as lower return difference. Steam pressure rising stage: when PPL, a burner two fire; when P>PH, open a fire burner. Steam pressure drop stage: when P

2, boiler feed water pump feed water pump control: no work control. When the boiler water level is low, to start the pump; when the water level of boiler feed water pump is high, closed; when the boiler first water or low water level, press the reset button, open the pump by manual button.

Fault recognition and automatic processing (alarm zero output point)

The control system has a strong artificial intelligence, it can monitor the current condition in the boiler operation, automatic, intelligent fault identification and treatment of comprehensive real-time and the steam boiler, to ensure the safe operation of the boiler and ancillary equipment, when the alarm output; opened in 5 seconds, 5 seconds, according to the "mute mute button".

The control system can real-time diagnosis and treatment of the following fault:

1, the burner failure (burner)

Burner for various reasons such as incorrect ignition or flame, combustion process alarm output, closed combustion equipment, fault recovery after manual reduction.

2, steam over high pressure of fault (Chang Bi)

In the running process of the system, when the boiler pressure exceeds the high limit pressure, alarm output, closed combustion equipment and water pump, fault recovery after manual reduction.

3, very low level fault

The controller with 2 extremely low water level protection device, 1 with very low water level controller, direct control of the power supply controller. In the running process of the system appears very low water 2, alarm output, turn off the burner and feedwater pump, fault recovery after manual reduction.

4, the high level fault

In the running process of the system level are very high, alarm output, turn off the burner and feedwater pump, fault recovery after manual reduction.

5, super temperature of smoke alarm (can be set at 200 ℃ -300 ℃)

In the running process of the system appears when the exhaust gas temperature is beyond the point of protection setting, alarm output, turn off the burner and feedwater pump, fault recovery after manual reduction.

Tip 6, power failure

When the system detects the single-phase voltage (C) outside the normal range (180-260V), the controller alarm, not the lack of protection.

7, a power failure

Power system operation process, once again the power supply, the controller automatically work in a state, to ensure the safe operation of the system, the control system adopts intelligent control, make the temperature control of humanization, procedures, reduce the external man-made interference, power consumption is reduced to the minimum value.

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