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Electric water boiler / electric boiling water boiler

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A 120 kW electric hot water boiler:

Electric boiler parameters:


Table boiling water boiler electric parameters


Product features:

1, fully automatic computer control, without hand operation, can be in the set time automatically, save energy, reduce heat loss, reduce the use of cost.

2, the heating element adopts ceramic heating performance stable pipe, advanced water and electricity separation structure, safety performance and service life have been fully improved, and convenient maintenance, can be electric heating tube replacement in case of no water.

3, Chinese LCD screen, digital temperature display, temperature control, over temperature protection and fault alarm and automatic control function.

Improve the water inlet device induction system and intelligent combination of 4 level, automatic induction water.

5, step by step heating mode, reduce the impact on the power grid.

6, set to boiling water state, is connected with the water tank insulation dedicated, can fully meet the hospitals, schools and institutions of a large concentration of water demand, water, water for the full automatic mode.

7, set to hot water condition, the water reaches the setting temperature, intelligent water inlet device automatically open the hot water storage tank for propulsion, bath.

8, the liner by special treatment, to ensure that clean water, sanitation, the use of heat preservation material quality, to stop automatically after the insulation to achieve good results.

9, the shell is made of good quality imported color plate, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance.

10, no pollution, no noise.



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