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Hand fired steam boiler

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Movable grate boiler:

Hot-water boiler:

Model DZH series boiler for single cylinder vertically type water fire tube shell boiler grate furnace, and equipment for activities at the left and right sides of the water wall with radiant heating surface in furnace combustion, two convection heating surface, the drum arranged within the thread smoke tube convection heating surface, arch with heat-resistant concrete pouring pound whole new process molding, boiler host outside of three-dimensional shape plate shell.

Our DZH series boiler using the latest scientific research, such as: arched tube plate, screw thread smoke tube, hot water boiler backwater ejection technology, solving the crack pipe plate shell type boilers, at the lower part of the drum drum kits, water wall tube, the thermal efficiency is low, insufficient output, coal adaptability etc. the problem.

1, safe and reliable operation, simple and convenient operation, material selection of boiler plate, boiler tube, and the material into the plant after the inspection, qualified rear can use, so the service life is long. The boiler adopts single drum, arched tube plate structure, the simplified quasi elastic structure, improve the safety factor.

2, coal type adaptability, no black smoke, dust using advanced adiabatic combustion technology, layout is low and long before the arch, accelerating the ignition, enhanced combustion, the high volatile gas boiler front is forced through the high temperature of main combustion zone, full combustion, smoke and dust to achieve.


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