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Coal fired steam boiler

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Coal fired steam boiler:


Steam boiler coal fired chain:

The new DZL type boiler for single cylinder vertically type water fire tube shell boiler, combustion equipment for chain grate stoker. For natural circulation boiler circulation with ejector. The left and right sides of the water wall as the radiation heating surface, both sides of the furnace convection heating surface, the drum arranged within the thread smoke tube convection heating surface, arch with heat-resistant concrete pouring pound whole new process molding, boiler host outside of three-dimensional shape plate shell. The series of boiler using the latest scientific research such as: arched tube plate, screw thread smoke tube, hot water boiler backwater ejection technology, solves the industry boiler tube plate crack, bulge, the lower part of the boiler water wall tube, the thermal efficiency is low, low output, poor adaptability of coal.

The combustion process

Fuel from the hopper into the front of the grate furnace, with freight, coal dry distillation after preheating, ignition, combustion, the slag into the slag bucket, the slag removing machine always passes out of the furnace, flue gas to form vortex with air in the front, rear arch between the throat are fully mixed, and heated front arch, improve the ignition condition, the arch upper outlet smokestacks into two wings of convection bank, through the front smoke box into the thread smoke tube, through the economizer, dust collector with fan into the chimney.

Technical characteristics     Henan Yongxing Boiler Group Co., Ltd.

1, the arched tube plate and screw thread smoke tube boiler drum, the drum by a quasi rigid body into a quasi elastic body structure, cancel the support tube plate area, reduce stress. The smoke pipe is composed of two return to return, the tube plate crack problems.

2, the lower part of the boiler barrel arranged the rise of tube row, eliminating the bottom of the boiler barrel backwater, the sludge is not easy to deposit, high-temperature zone of the boiler can get good cooling, to prevent the boiler shell bulging.

3, using efficient heat thread smoke tube, heat transfer enhancement obtained effect, achieve the boiler temperature characteristics, boost fast, improves the thermal efficiency of the boiler.

4, compact structure, compared with the same type of boiler, small size, saving boiler room construction investment.

5, stable operation, convenient adjustment, strong output. A 110% overload capacity

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