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Electric steam boiler

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360KW electric steam boiler.

200 kg of steam boiler:

Product features:

LDR electric heating steam boiler, which belongs to the noise free, environmentally friendly products without pollution. LDR series electric heating steam generator is a kind of portable steam furnace using tubular electric heating tube group directly heating water continuous production of steam pressure, the furnace is made of steel for boiler, heating pipe and the furnace to the flange connection, easy assembly and disassembly, replacement, is conducive to the maintenance and maintenance. The furnace body and the control cabinet is separated, all the electric elements have the CE and CCC argument indicators to ensure product reliability and service life, heat efficiency reaches 98%, safe, reliable, stable heating. With automatic water supply, water shortage, overpressure, automatic power-off and alarming, leakage protection etc..

Machine equipped with automatic water pump, can continuously work. The electric heating tube is made of high quality stainless steel, heat insulation and efficient insulation materials, long service life, energy saving, fast heating, steam foot. An electronic circuit and special industrial detection electrode control water system, sensitive response, simple maintenance. A steam output valve can be directly with the standard steam hose assembly is connected, good air tightness. Mobile, connected, use is very convenient.