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High quality steam autoclave

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Autoclave production workshop


Autoclave pictures:

Autoclave pictures:

The autoclave and autoclaved kettle / autoclave reactor is on aerated concrete, brick, fly ash brick of large pressure vessel steamed, complete the hydrothermal reaction of Cao - Si02 - H2O in the kettle. At the same time, also widely used in other required pressure steam production project to raise production process. Such as high strength gypsum, insulation materials, rubber, glass, concrete and wood, medicine, chemical industry etc.. The company can also design and manufacture according to pressure vessel forms of user requirements, to meet user needs for various purposes. The kettle is a steel horizontal cylinder type device, a kettle cover the entire 16MnR plate pressed. The kettle cover flange, a kettle body flange with 16Mn integral forging and processing. Pressure parts of welding seams are heat treatment according to relevant standards and strict non-destructive testing.

Kettle door for quick opening structure, relying on hand to hoist gear, can also according to the customer the use of electric, pneumatic, hydraulic hoist. Equipped with perfect safety interlock protection device, the maximum to avoid the misuse problems, ensure the safe production of the safe operation of autoclave and operator. Kettle type with side door open and turn on the opening two types for the user to choose. Open side by rotating arm type door structure. Rotating flexible, low operation, simple and convenient on open; open the lever type door opening mechanism, lever and the cauldron gate is connected, the upper end is provided with a counterweight device, the type of open light, kettle side of the small space. Autoclave for large pressure vessel equipment, for the sand lime brick, fly ash brick, aerated concrete block, new lightweight wall materials, concrete and other building products autoclave curing. At present, the autoclave / autoclaved kettle except for silicate building products, also used in chemical, pharmaceutical products, rubber, wood, plaster, glass, insulation materials, textile industry, military industry and other fields of steam curing.