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The new gas horizontal 0.3 tons

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WNS0.3-0.7-Y (Q) steam boiler for shell type wet back downstream three returnfire tube structure, the flame in the combustion chamber of the micro positive pressure combustion, fully extended, heat of combustion of low load, high burning heat efficiency, effectively reduce the flue gas temperature, saving energy and reducing consumption, the use of economic. Corrugated furnace and the thread smoke tube structure, which can enhance the absorption intensity of the boiler, but also meet the need, the heat transfer surface of heat expansion ofscientific and rational, durable. Yongxing boiler in strict accordance with the"steam boiler safety supervision regulations," JB/T 10094-2002 "industrial boilergeneral technical conditions", JB/T 1619-2002 "shell boiler manufacturingtechnical conditions" requirement, design, manufacturing, inspection and supervision, to ensure that the boiler products.