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Small electric steam boiler characteristics

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Safety performance:

1,products withthe Yongxinginspection of the boilersafetyvalve,even if the control systemis notflexible circumstances,the safety valvewill automatically open thepressure exceeds theset pressure,prevent boilerexplosion accidentdue toexcessive pressure.

2,products withlow water level protection,incase ofwaterstopboilerwill automatically stop working,prevents theelectric steam generatorboilerdry burningcauseelectric heating elementdamageand even burnphenomenon.

3,Yongxing boilerproductsequipped with residual current protectiondevice,even in theshort circuit,leakagecaused by improperoperation of a boilerunder the condition of theboilerwillautomatically cut off the circuit,timely protectioncontrolcircuit.