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The laundry which steam boiler is reasonable

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Electric steam: 1, full automatic intelligent control technology, without person on duty. Flexible working mode, can be set to automatic or manual mode.

2, can according to need to set the automatic boiler operation time, a day can be provided with a plurality of different period, so that the boiler heating automatictime-sharing, heating cycle switching, the contactor using time, the same frequency, improve the service life of the equipment.

3, the controller automatic control of pressure, calculus, tracking, but changes in the load of water pump, electric heating tube automatic start and stop control,and manual control.

4, with a number of complete protection functions, leakage protection, water protection, grounding protection, steam overpressure protection, over-current protection, power protection, boiler automatic protection, safe home. HenanYongxing Boiler Group Co., Ltd. electric heating boiler

5, boiler body of the boiler and pressure vessel steel, furnace body longitudinal,circumferential weld are automatic welding, and X ray flaw detection, small boilerfurnace, electromechanical integration, which is convenient for installation andconnection; large boiler body and control body temperature to eliminate electricalcontrol design, partly influenced by the furnace body, ensure the stableoperation control device.

6, with low surface heat load of heating element JB/2379-93 and "metal tubular electric heating element technology conditions". High quality electric wire coatthick stainless steel pipe, tube filled with high purity magnesium oxide electric heating tube two, long service life. Each group of electric heating element isconnected by flange, has the advantages of simple structure, high mechanical strength, safety and reliability, convenient replacement.

7, the advantages of compact structure, reasonable design and advanced manufacturing technology, the boiler of small space occupation, convenient transportation and saves space.

8, no noise, no pollution, high thermal efficiency, the boiler body adopts the high quality highly effective thermal insulation material made of insulation, heat loss is small, energy saving.

9, boiler outer package adopts high-quality color plate package design, beautiful appearance, is not easy to rust.

Safety performance:

1, products with the Yongxing inspection of the boiler safety valve, even if the control system is not flexible circumstances, the safety valve will automatically open the pressure exceeds the set pressure, prevent boiler explosion accidentdue to excessive pressure.

2, products with low water level protection, in case of water stop boiler will automatically stop working, prevents the electric steam generator boiler dry burning cause electric heating element damage and even burn phenomenon.